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Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons for beginners are geared towards helping the student attain proper technique while learning their favorite tunes. Guitar classes are conducted on individual or group basis. Our guitar instructors are available to teach at our guitar school in Nairobi Business District.We offers guitar lessons in Nairobi to an array of aspiring musicians.

Piano Lessons

We offers piano lessons and piano classes in Nairobi to students of all ages who have a passion for expressing themselves musically through piano playing. Our experienced tutors will guide you how to play piano and develop your technique through note reading as well as playing by ear. When looking for piano lessons in Nairobi we invite you to join Sauti tamu where we offer quality learning and proper facilities.

Kids Lessons

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Guitar Lessons

Ksh 25,000 Ksh 17,500

Piano Lessons

Ksh 25,000 Ksh 15,500

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